What Are The Best High School Jobs?

If you’re in high school and you need to have extra money, there are a lot of jobs you can try. Part-time jobs for high school students are available almost everywhere. All it takes is initiative, hard work, and some guts. So what kinds of jobs can you have in high school?


Here are five great high school jobs you can choose from:

Babysitting. If you have neighbors with kids, you can offer babysitting services for them. The rate would vary depending on the number of hours, services (including extra services like feeding the pets, running some errands, helping the kids with their homework, etc.), and other factors like the location and cost of living. Babysitting can be a fun and challenging job. You get to take care of infants, toddlers, and older children.

Dog walking. It’s not just kids you can take care of in order to earn money. You too can earn money by taking care of pets. Some families who have pets at home may need your services to take their dogs for a walk and look after them while they’re away. The rate would also vary, depending on the number of hours and the services you provide. Extra services such as feeding the dog, buying pet food at the local pet store, grooming, etc. would have additional charges.

Tutor. If you have the skill in teaching, you can also serve as a tutor for other high school students or younger kids in your neighborhood. You can offer your services as a part-time tutor on subjects like Math, Science, History, Language, and special subjects like Journalism. If you want to work from home, you can also try online tutorial services. Like the face to face tutorial service, you will get paid per hour.

Online Paid Surveys. You can also work from home and try online paid surveys. Just visit legitimate survey sites and accomplish some survey questions about products and services. You can have topics about food, clothing, gadgets, shoes, and almost everything else. Try to answer the questions honestly. You will be asked to give your feedback on certain products and services. You will get paid for every survey you accomplish.

Article Writing. Young, talented writers in High School can take advantage of their skills by working as a part-time article writer online. This job is also more convenient and flexible. All it takes is a good computer and internet connection. You will be asked to write various topics and you will get paid for every article you make from $1 to $3 per article. The rate would vary depending on the type and length of the articles required.

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