What Is The Average IQ Of A 13 Years Old Young Teenager?

IQ means an intelligence quotient that varies from age to age & person to person. It depends on their intellectual abilities & also on logical potentiality. Though there have no definite answer of that question, but we can say that the average IQ of a 13 years old young teenager is in between 90 to 110.

Which Factors Influence IQ?

The psychologists are always in logger-head to determine that does the intelligence aptitude come from genetically or environmentally? Research says that, both the factors are equally important to increase the level of intelligence. But, it is also invented that, not only these two factors, some certain reasons are made the backbone to stimulate such state of intellect. Those are,

  • Age
  • Race & Nationality
  • Health & Physical Growth
  • Culture
  • Gender
  • Social & Economical Circumstance

Analysis Of IQ Test According To Its Score & Grade

People think that, persons who are genius in IQ are more successful genius and intelligent than a high or an average one. Higher the score is more genius according to the IQ Test. When we analyse its score which are conducted through an age group of peoples, we can see a bell shaped curve. The mean of the curve is the average score of the said IQ Test. The general analyses of IQ scores are as follows:

Scores under 69Very low and indicates feeble mindedness
Scores between 70 and 79Borderline low
Scores between 80 and 89Low average indicates dullness
Scores between 90 and 109Average
Scores between 110 and 119High average
Between 120 and 129Superior intelligence
Scores over 130Highly superior and indicates as gifted

Is IQ 113 Good Or Bad?

An IQ test does not clarify that the person is good or bad or the person is belonging from a knowledgeable background. It is just a score to know the aptitude of a person on the base of memory, logical reasoning & general knowledge.

The person with 113 IQ score defines that he or she has an intelligence level which is just higher than the average.

What Is The Average IQ Of Adolescents?

Adolescence means that time of period when childhood turns into the adulthood & it happens in between 10 to 19 years of age.

According to the survey on youngsters, it is acknowledged that the healthy and neurologically stable teenagers have the average IQ score of 112, though it differs from age to age.

  • A 16 to 17 years old teenager’s average score is 108.
  • An adolescent, who is 18 to 19 years old, has 105 average marks in IQ test.

What Is The Average IQ Of 13-Year-Old Female?

The usual average IQ score of a 13-year-old female is falling between 90 to 109.

What Is The Average IQ Of A 13 Year Old Male?

In general the average IQ score of a 13-year-old male is also lying between the ranges 90 to 109.


Q1. How Do I Check My IQ?
Ans. To check your IQ score, you have to go through an intelligent test which is basically formatted on reasoning, general knowledge, memory & problem solving skill. Though traditional or paper-based tests are always there to measure your IQ point, but online tests are also available to get a quick result.

IQ was usually calculated by dividing thea person’s mental age by his chronological age  and then multiplying it by 100.

Q2. What Is The Average IQ Of A Teenager?
Ans. The average IQ of a teenager is bounded in between 90 to 110.  But it may be not same because of different age, gender & states.

Q3. Who Has The Highest IQ In The World Today?
Ans. Marilyan vos Savant who has the IQ score of 228 and is known as the smartest person in the world.

Q4. How Could I Increase My IQ?
Ans. Though we receive our intelligence quotient hereditarily, nature also helps to boost it up. But, if you want to pump up your brain more, there are numerous ways you can follow to improve your crystallized and fluid intelligence. The ways like,

  • Regular Exercise improves brain function
  • Meditation will sharp your memory
  • Sufficient sleep relaxes your brain & makes storage to gain new updates.
  • Drinking of caffeine & green tea boost your energy level
  • Follow a proper diet chart which is rich in vitamins & minerals to protect your brain health.
  • And, most importantly keep practicing of reading & learning to acquire more knowledge & latest events.

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