Which Country Is More Amorous? More On Dating App And Its Dividend Usage In Countries

If you think that online dating is a modern development, then let us tell you that it is not. Although the development has far preceded the time, the concept behind using technical support to introduce one’s self to others has been going on for ages.

Moreover, these applications that allow one to date, websites, and other social media tools are manifestations of humans accepting every little method as a tool. It is a tool that lets one communicate and connect with the rest of the world by erasing the barriers of time and space.

 This flexibility of application is now used as a medium to find love. From searching for “the one” using advertisements to Operation Match, from MySpace dating websites to our most beloved Facebook, these developments have inspired the invention of applications like Tinder, Bumble, and more. So how are they faring since their advent? Let’s discuss this thoroughly.

World’s Most Popular Dating Apps:

The most popular application in the realm of dating is Tinder. When it comes to extending your horizon, there is only one application you should turn to. Although many are using Facebook as a tool to stay connected, no one can deny how influential tinder has become in the love-in world.

Moreover, the application was rated to be one of the highest in the iOS application store with 86% of the 165 countries researched. The application was launched right back in 2012, currently, it has garnered an estimation of 50 million users in just about six years. Moreover, it has recorded 26 matches per day.

With more than 40 different languages and available in 190 countries, it was evident that the application has become universally Numero Uno in the list. Now, coming to second place, according to a source, was taken by Badoo. It has covered 7% of the demography with 500 million users.

Although it is not currently going hot, the reading may get ahead. In third place, we have the American-based application, Bumble.  Although only 2% of the countries are highly recommending using bumble, the application has more than 42 million users registered to it.

Countries That Use More Dating Apps

If you are more prone to finding a willing companion, then you have to steer clear of Asia. It is believed that only nine out of the 41 researched countries in Asia are prone to using dating apps that are available in the application store.

However, out of that nine percent is believed that only Armenia, Myanmar, and Brunei, the places that have a population of fewer than 450,000 as a whole, made it to one ranking above the 90th popular spot. Talk about being “not approachable”.

However, it is believed that the result obtained from South America, contrasting to Asia, is more promising. Whether it is for the sake of the only companionship or to find the one they can spend their life with, South America is the best place, and most active in the dating game, using a dating app.

The average ranking of the dating application among 12 South America has secured 68.5% reach. It is higher than any other country. Out of those 12 countries, 10 of them had installed and registered a dating application in the top 100 of their respective app stores.

However, if you want to be more specific, we suggest you start with Bolivia as here the ranking for Tinder is 49th on the app store. However, it was Europe that showed the difference between the Easter and western cultural annotations.

In all of the continuing, the average ranking for the dating app was noted to be 88.9%. The clear divide showcases that almost everyone in the country has registered for dating apps.

Ending note:

Now that we know where to start from, why are you still here? Chop, chop and start looking.

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