Why do kids bully

There are many different reasons why kids bully one another. One would naturally expect kids to be loving and enjoy playing with their friends. But sadly, this is not always the case. Before you can help a bully stop that habit, you must know the reasons behind the kid being a bully. https://myhomeworkdone.com/ experts tried to find the truth about it.

  1. Lack of Attention

On top of the list is the lack of attention. When kids don’t get the attention that they need from their parents or siblings, they can turn out to be bullies. Usually, these types of kids come from broken homes or have parents who are frequently under the influence of alcohol.


Another reason why kids become bullies is the kid’s upbringing. This can manifest in different ways. One such way is a child who has been bullied by parents or older siblings. Such a child can turn out to be a bully in a bid to be safe.

Also, parents who have temper issues don’t get to handle situations well. These parents turn out to be bullies, and their kids turn out to be like them too. This bully behavior is often learned at home, but any kid can stop being a bully.

Natural Temperament

Some kids tend to become bullies because of the natural domineering spirit they have. However, it is essential to note that these kids are not necessarily going to become bullies.

Characteristics of Bullies

  • They infringe on other peoples’ right
  • They lack human feelings
  • They look down on the weak and view them as their target
  • They don’t want to be responsible for their action
  • They lack high self-esteem
  • They are attention seekers

Types of bullies

  1. Bullied bullies: This type of bully attacking others so that they can become happy
  2. Social bullies: This type of bully talks down on others because of their low self-esteem
  3. Detached bullies: This type of bully is loved by the majority but usually attacks some particular set of people in secret.
  4. Hyperactive bullies: This type of bully doesn’t know how to relate well with others. This makes them act weird all the time.

Most bullies don’t know the consequences of their actions on others and are not aware of how bad their behavior is. Besides, bullies generally have not learned how to relate well with others. They lack respect, love, and kindness to others. Below are some of the reasons why bullies admit they do what they do.

  • It gives me a high feeling of strength.
  • It is what I go through at home.
  • It is a criterion to make friends with the right people.
  • I do it to imitate or copy others
  • it is a means to be safe from been bullied by others.


In conclusion, a child might have reasons to be a bully, but it is inhumane and should be discouraged. Are you willing to help a kid stop bullying others? Now is the best time to do it!

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