Why Does Amber Help with Teething?

Parents are often faced with really uncomfortable situations when their kid, between 6 and 18 months, goes through the teething process. Usually, they feel pain in the gum and might wake up from the sleep, crying continuously without understanding why and creating real fuss at home, which can be very disturbing for parents. So, it’s only natural for parents to find an effective, drug-free remedy.

Amber teething necklaces claim to be a perfect option to help relieve the pain; they should help in soothing, reduce the inflammation and pain, and also reduce inflammation.

What Are Amber Teething Necklaces?

You might have heard your mom’s friends, pediatricians, even your grandmas talking about amber teething necklaces. They are nothing but special handmade strings made of natural Baltic amber, rich with organic succinic acid that makes them capable of stimulating the metabolism, increasing the body’s immunity, relieving pain as well as to promote healing.

Despite the common belief that amber is man-made, they are naturally occurring fossilized tree resin and contains succinic acid. Millions of years of processing amber through geological processes changed the chemical structure of organic succinic acid – a natural component of the tree resin. It has a unique mineral matrix that is responsible for the unique properties of amber, including its color, density, hardness, transparency, and effectiveness.

According to documents found in Egyptian tombs, Greeks used to call amber as ‘Elektron,’ and they used it as a natural analgesic, cure for fever, and as an aphrodisiac.

Since then, many have known the benefit of amber. In the middle ages, amber was used as a cure for many diseases and also as a cleanser of air during the plague.

Today, amber, from a scientific point of view, is seen as a drug for skin, and it has been shown that it can help in healing many health problems.

Can Amber Teething Necklace Be Used?

When it comes to the age ranges in which an amber teething necklace can be used to relieve the pain, there is a great amount of controversy. But keeping controversies aside and what scientific study is showing, we can say that it is ideal to use an amber teething necklace under the age of six.

According to pediatricians, an amber teething necklace can be used for children up to 18 months old, and when it is used, parents should use it under supervision, and they should make sure that their kids do not put it into their mouth and/or chew on it.

Keep in mind that amber is usually for external use, and it should not be placed into the mouth as they pose a great choking hazard for your toddler.

Warnings are to be taken as well as the fact that amber can wear down so you should be aware of this risk and you should have the right size of amber teething necklaces so it doesn’t slip over the neck.

Why Does Amber Help with Teething?

Amber helps with teething because of the naturally occurring organic compound succinic acid, which is responsible for anti-inflammatory properties. It is widely used as an analgesic for the relief of pain, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and redness.


With the many options that are available for parents of teething kids, the Amber teething necklace is still one of the most popular teething remedies. In fact, it is believed to be the original teething remedy that dates back to ancient times. Besides, it is all-natural, and not many teething remedies are so effective.

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