Year of the 10th Birthday Party and Making Friends.

I’m preparing to attend another birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends.  We have attended several parties this year.   And when I say this year, I mean since school started. 

In our experience, more parents are throwing parties celebrating 10th birthdays than other birthday years and searching for online cake shops.  My daughter even persuaded me to give her a party at a movie theatre last November.

We have been having a good time and nurturing relationships. The party we are getting ready for is another sleepover, so she is getting out her sleeping bag, flashlight and deciding what pajamas to pick.

Year of the 10th Birthday Party and Making Friends
Year of the 10th Birthday Party and Making Friends

  I asked my daughter what did she think about getting her friend a pair of earrings and a bracelet made with buttons.  Really cute.  She liked the idea.  Gifts are always a challenge for me and I like to get each girl something original.

This has been a really good experience for me as well as my daughter.  She has been getting out socially and having a good time with her friends.  She enjoys seeing them outside of school.  She attends a magnet school so many of her school peers live all over the city. 

Meeting her friends allows me to know who my daughter is interacting with on a daily basis and put a face with a name.   Meeting the parents gives me an idea of their background.  So far, it has all been very positive.

I realize she is not a baby anymore and she wants to hang out with friends.  However, she is not old enough to be out unsupervised.  These parties have been a good way for me to decide which relationships I would encourage and which I feel may not be in her best interest.  Again, all interactions have been positive.   I have been able to help her foster these relationships and extend them further.

After this party in a couple of weeks, she has another friend with a birthday in March.  I’m sure we will go to that as well.  These parties have been a good introduction to building lasting friendships.  I’m glad they are happening and with such good people.

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