5 Outdoor Exercises That Can Help Relieve Stress

A number of notable scientific studies have suggested that the simple act going outside can relieve stress. This makes sense because humans evolved in a world much more intricately linked with nature than the one we experience today. Because early humans had to hunt and gather resources, they often travelled long distances outdoors, resulting in many burned calories. Exercises that are best for stress relief, therefore, incorporate as many elements of human evolutionary programming as possible. Hiking, biking, and boating are excellent choices. Of course, gear should also follow intent. The best bicycles for men or women looking to relieve stress, for example, are ones that can handle the dirt trails common to nature areas.


Hiking is one of the best ways to relieve stress outdoors, since it combines being in nature with moderate exercise. Another benefit of hiking is that it is scalable to your personal level of fitness. If you are looking for a challenge to elevate your heart rate, look for a trail with steep hills. Take your pet or a friend if you are looking for a more relaxing adventure. Remember to purchase lightweight hiking shoes or boots with enough support to prevent ankle injuries.


Few activities are as efficient at relieving stress as biking. While biking on heavily travelled roads can actually increase stress, many cities feature bike paths with little or no vehicle traffic. Boardwalks or roadways near beaches are great places to bike for stress relief. Just take a beach cruiser bike and ride along for however long you desire. If you want to burn serious calories, go for a hybrid bike that can handle both trails and roadways and maintain a medium level of strain for the duration of your ride.


There is something inherently peaceful about boating. When you kayak or canoe on a still day, it is easy to forget how much work you are actually doing. Paddling is great for the upper body and core, and can noticeably tone muscles in the back. Modern canoes and kayaks are relatively inexpensive and portable, so you can usually take your vessel to a water body nearby with little trouble.


While many people do not think of yoga as an outdoor exercise, there is no reason that yoga shouldn’t be practiced outdoors. Most find, in fact, that doing yoga outside makes them feel more connected with nature. Regardless of where you practice, yoga can relieve stress and promote good posture and flexibility. If you are new to yoga, look for an online class to view on a laptop outside. In many places, it is also possible to find instructors that teach classes outdoors.If you are interested in your physical and mental health, exercise outdoors should be a regular part of your life. Men’s and women’s bicycles for sale are easily available online, so pandemic concerns are no excuse for skipping an outdoor exercise routine. When incorporating outdoor exercise into your life, remember that the best exercises are both relaxing and physically stimulating.

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