A Guide to Sourcing Health Insurance

Let’s face it, life is very unpredictable and we all need to take out some health insurance, wherever we live and whatever profession we have. Of course, it is easier than ever to sort out health insurance with online solutions, and with that in mind, here is some information about the various policies that are available from a leading Thai insurance provider.

Freelance professional health insurance

Of the many types of health insurance, the freelance package is perhaps the most popular, which includes:

  • Up to 600,000 baht for medical expenses
  • Unlimited numbers of claims
  • Additional out-patient cover
  • Free health advice via an app

You get to choose the upper limit for in-patient and out-patient costs and if you are a single person who works freelance, this is the ideal policy for you.

Family health insurance

Of course, your family mean everything to you and by taking out a special family policy, you can enjoy the following:

  • Choose your level of in-patient cover (from 300,000 – 200 million baht).
  • Optional maternity cover
  • Free online health advice from qualified doctors
  • Additional out-patient cover
  • Additional cancer coverage (up to 1 million baht)

All family members are covered, which brings you peace of mind and if you would like to learn more about family health insurance, Google is your best friend.

Executive premier health insurance

If you are a busy executive who flies around the world, there is a policy that is right for you. The executive cover includes:

  • Choose in-patient coverage (up to 200 million baht)
  • Annual health check included
  • Free online health advice from qualified doctors
  • Work in hospital with a special package
  • Stay at home cover

Your health cover would be worldwide, so wherever you happen to be when you need medical treatment, you are covered. If you run your own business, here are a few tips on content marketing.

Expat health insurance

Ideal for foreigners living in Thailand, expat health insurance is designed for the digital nomad who is residing abroad. The cover includes:

  • Free annual check-up
  • Nationwide private hospital cover
  • Additional out-patient cover
  • Global reach
  • Lifetime renewal guarantee

The great thing about the online health insurance broker is you can customise the cover, allowing you to tailor your health insurance to suit your lifestyle.

Online solutions

You no longer have to visit the insurer’s offices or even ask a representative when looking for health insurance; simply search online, select the policy that best suits you and a secure online payment sees your cover activated. If you are planning to relocate to Thailand, you will need a certain level of health & covid insurance in order to get the Thai Pass that you need to apply for a tourist visa.

Make sure you read the small print

It is important that you read the terms & conditions of your health insurance policy, so you won’t have any nasty surprises later on. For one, according to this expert dentist in Carmel Valley CA, most health insurance does not include dental coverage. So, you may need to add it as a supplemental policy. If you have any queries, ask the very knowledgeable broker.

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