Average Height For 6 Year Old Boy: A Parent’s Guide

Has your kid just turned 6 and you have started worrying whether he would reach the average height of a 6 year old? Well, the average height for 6 year old boy is about 45 inches tall, i.e, 3 ‘9’’ tall! The first five years of existence are when a child’s brain grows the fastest, hitting 90% of its ultimate capacity.

Hence, thinking about how tall are 6 year olds and your child developing with the right height is very normal! For a better understanding on how tall is a 6 year old, let’s have a look at statistical data too! 

What Is The Average Height For A 6 Year Old Boy

We all have different heights, but in light of the current outbreak of young obesity, it’s helpful to have some sort of an idea on what’s average to compare our children as they develop. Hence, if you want to know how tall is the average 6 year old, based on development statistics created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the following are some average height ranges for your boy in various age groups: 

average height for 6 year old boy

What Is The Average Height For A 6 Year Old Girl

For girl parents, height of their child is always a concern. Hence, its vital to keep a track of their heights from the very start. Although, each age matters but at the age of 6, its become very important to see if your girl is near or has reached the average height of 6 year old female as this age is the most pertinent one as physical skills develop quickly this time.

The typical spread of a girl’s (6-year-old) height data falls between 105.76 and 125.25 centimeters. According to the CDC, girls in this age category have a typical height of 115.01 centimeters. Here is some information on the average height of girls of various age groups! 

average height for 6 year old boy

Factors That Affect The Height Of 6 Year Old Boy And Girl

Your child’s growth and development are influenced by a variety of internal and exterior variables, all of which are important to comprehend. So, if your child is having trouble reaching average height of 6 year old, here are some factors you need to take care about: 

  • Environment: Environmental forces (physical and psychic) impact your child’s development.
  • Nutrition: Malnutrition can cause deficit illnesses that stunt your child’s growth.
  • Regular Exercise: Exercise strengthens your child’s immune system, helps them grow, and keeps them fit. 
  • Genetics: There is a lot that is decided by our genes, hence, if you are short, your child would also tend to be short! 
  • Good Sleep: ensuring that your kid gets good sleep also helps in proper growth to reach the average height of 6 year old boy. 


Q1. What is the average height of 6 year old boy in India?
Ans. Average height for a 6 year old boy in India is approximately 45 inches, that is 3 ft 9 inches or 114.3 cm. 

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