Cheers to Mexico: Discovering the Top Bars

Imagine enjoying fancy drinks in a cool bar hidden underground, dancing all night under the stars by the sea, or feeling the energy of traditional Mexican music in a classic setting. These moments are not just about having fun at night in Mexico, but also about experiencing the rich culture that makes this country special.

Whether you want to relax with fancy drinks, listen to live music, or dance all night at famous clubs, this guide has got you covered. Let’s jump into the exciting nightlife of Mexico and check out the best bars and clubs. They offer nights full of music, dancing, and great times. Get ready for an amazing adventure in Mexico! 🍹🌟

Top 10 best 18+ bars in mexico 

1. Jules Basement (Mexico City)

Jules Basement is a quintessential speakeasy bar, hidden behind a refrigerator door in a taco restaurant. The interior is sleek and modern, with a mysterious, almost noir ambiance. The bar is renowned for its creative cocktails and exclusive atmosphere, making it a must-visit for those looking for a unique nightlife experience in Mexico City.

  • Reason to Visit: Known for its speakeasy vibe and unique cocktails.
  • Getting There: Located in the Polanco neighborhood, accessible by taxi or public transport.
  • Cost: Expect higher prices due to its exclusivity.
  • Opening Hours: Usually open from evening till late night, but check their current

2. La Perla (Mexico City)

La Perla is a historic bar that offers a classic Mexican experience. It’s one of the few places where you can enjoy traditional live mariachi music in an authentic setting. The bar has a rustic charm, and it’s a great place to experience traditional Mexican culture and tequila.

  • Reason to Visit: Historic bar famous for its live mariachi music.
  • Getting There: Situated in the historic center, easily reachable by metro or taxi.
  • Cost: Moderate, with prices for drinks and cover charges for live performances.
  • Opening Hours: Typically open in the evenings, but hours may vary.

3. Mandala (Cancun)

Mandala is a flashy, high-energy nightclub in Cancun’s famous Hotel Zone. Known for its oriental-themed décor and large dance floors, it’s a place where tourists and locals alike come to enjoy a vibrant party atmosphere. The club often features themed nights, international DJs, and is known for its lively party scene.

  • Reason to Visit: A vibrant nightclub with a lively atmosphere, popular among tourists.
  • Getting There: Located in the Hotel Zone, accessible by bus or taxi.
  • Cost: Entry fees and drinks can be pricey, especially during peak season.
  • Opening Hours: Usually open late, from evening until early morning.

4. Coco Bongo (Cancun and Playa del Carmen)

Coco Bongo is not just a bar or nightclub but a spectacle of live performances, acrobats, and musical tributes. The atmosphere is electrifying, with a constant flow of entertainment that goes beyond typical club experiences. It’s a combination of a concert, a dance club, and a theater, making it a unique nightlife destination.

  • Reason to Visit: Famous for its extravagant shows and energetic dance floors.
  • Getting There: Centrally located in both cities, reachable by taxi or walking in the hotel zones.
  • Cost: High, with various package deals for shows and drinks.
  • Opening Hours: Opens in the evening and parties till the early hours.

5. Palazzo (Cancun)

Palazzo is known for its glamorous ambiance and is often considered one of the most sophisticated nightclubs in Cancun. With its stunning chandeliers and red velvet décor, it offers a luxurious clubbing experience. The club hosts various themed nights and is popular for its high-profile events and guest DJs.

  • Reason to Visit: Known for its chic decor and themed party nights.
  • Getting There: Situated in the Hotel Zone, easily accessible.
  • Cost: Entry and drinks can be expensive.
  • Opening Hours: Evening till late, especially busy on weekends.

6. Dady’O (Cancun)

Dady’O is one of Cancun’s most iconic nightclubs, famous for its unique cave-like interior design. The club offers a mix of EDM, hip hop, and pop music, often featuring renowned DJs and special events. It’s known for its laser shows and themed parties, providing a memorable experience for party-goers.

  • Reason to Visit: A long-standing nightclub with a cave-like interior and renowned DJ performances.
  • Getting There: Located in the Hotel Zone.
  • Cost: Moderately high, with various party packages.
  • Opening Hours: Nightly hours, usually from 10 PM to dawn.

7. Kitxen (Playa del Carmen)

Kitxen is a laid-back bar located on the bustling 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. It’s known for its live music scene, featuring a range of genres from rock to reggae. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, making it a great spot to enjoy a night out with good music and drinks.

  • Reason to Visit: Great live music venue with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Getting There: Located on the 5th Avenue strip, easily walkable in downtown.
  • Cost: Reasonable prices for drinks and no cover charge.
  • Opening Hours: Evening until late, but varies by day.

8. Santino Bar (Playa del Carmen)

Santino Bar is a popular nightlife spot in Playa del Carmen, known for its energetic dance floor and diverse music selection. The bar has a contemporary design and offers a variety of cocktails and drinks. It’s a great place to dance the night away in a lively, yet somewhat more relaxed environment compared to larger clubs.

  • Reason to Visit: Popular for its lively dance floor and diverse music.
  • Getting There: Situated on 12th Street, near other nightlife spots.
  • Cost: Moderate.
  • Opening Hours: Typically from evening till late.

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