Feeding Your Teen: How Many Calories Should a 13 Year Old

There are kids who are into their 13 or 14 should eat about 1500 calories a day.

With this intake of calories, they will stay active all day long. During the day, the kids should consume about 500-600 calories. So, the next time you come across the question- how many calories should a 13 year old eat? Keep this in mind.

Kids come in all sizes and each person’s body burns energy (calories) at different rates, so there isn’t one perfect number of calories that every kid should There is misconception about how much calories should a 13-year old intake?

Some people think that if they feed their kid too much they will stay healthy. But, it is not true. No matter he is a kid or a man, one should never intake more than what his age determines to eat for a healthy living.

Calories Should A 13 Year Old Child Take?

During the early adolescence period, a teenager should have a high intake of calorie. Nutritional needs may be greater. This is when your teen participates in any category of sports. It is best to take the help of a doctor who can determine the 13-year old’s specific calorie requisites.

How Many Calories Should A 13 Year Old Eat

If still there is any question regarding how much calories should a 13 year old eat? It is said that both genders require at least a total content of 400 grams of proteins. All people struggle with their weight loss when their calorie intake does not match with the actual requirement. Eating less will never make you healthy.

Calorie Intake Chart For Boys-

Boys need 2,000 to 2,600 calories a day; and it should be done on regular basis.

Age Not Active Moderately Active Active

Calorie Intake Chart For Girls-

Hardly does it mean your teen can eat Ice cream and French fries. A 13-year old girl needs 1,600 to 2,200 calories.

AgeNot ActiveModerately ActiveActive

Is 1200 Calories Enough For A 13 Year Old?

A very common question that needs frequent answer is that- Is 1200 calories enough for a 13 year old? The goal is to get sufficient amount of calories, as well as how they are coming from each food group.

It is also important to eat adequate amount of fruits and veggies to stay active and fulfil the requirement of the amount of calories intake. In the table above, we have clearly spoted about how much calories should a 13-year old eat? Be it a boy or a girl, both should consume above 1200 calories.

Adequate amount of calories together make up a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from this they should also intake milk, proteins, carbohydrates and cereals clockwise everyday to assure a better and safe healthy life. With a good diet chart one can keep those pesky cravings away!

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How Many Calories Should A 13-Year-Old Eat To Lose Weight?

There are kids who are obese and have huge body weight. The reason behind this is that they eat excess amount of calories every day. To lose weight, he or she must not intake more than 1400 calories in a day and have light meals during the night.

How Many Calories Should A 13 Year Old Eat

If they eat 900-1000 calories for consecutive days then they can make it up easily. It is important to stay and not too much and drain the body power.

You should keep these things in mind-

  1. Eat healthy meals 3 times daily
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables
  3. Intake required amount of proteins
  4. See a dietician for a strict diet chart

Healthy Weight: Why Is It Important?

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the secret to healthy living. If you cannot maintain a healthy weight, you not only lose your life but restrict yourself from all kinds of good things in nature. Eating healthy will make you grow healthy. It is rich in fiber, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Good and unsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids can damage obstacles and turn you healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many calories should a 15 year old eat?
Ans. A 15-year old should eat an approx of 1800-2400 calories. For boys it is 2400 calories and for girls it is 1800 calories.

Q2. Is 2000 calories too much for a teenage girl?
Ans. Yes, for a teenager girl, 2000 calories is too much for her to maintain.

Q3. How many calories should a lazy 13 year old eat?
Ans. A lazy 13 year old should eat 1200-1400 calories everyday to maintain a balanced weight. It is best to take dietician’s help and start eating good food to have a healthy weight.

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