How to Order Prescription Drugs from Canada

Drug prices are really high in the United States. No one’s going to argue with this fact, and nobody really likes it aside from those profiting from it. The reasons behind prices being this high are broad and complicated, though. There are many ethical and political debates to be had, and those debates do need to be had, but this isn’t the form for those. I am not a political scientist nor a moral philosopher, but what I am in fact is an economist and sociologist.

From that perspective, I can openly site that one unavoidable factor is the fact that these medications all have to be imported from overseas. There’s nothing they can be done about this, bringing all of that infrastructure over to local industry would be nigh impossible and punishingly costly. On top of this, with these importing measures in place, overhead and the need to control and regulate things brings the price up even further.

Eliminating the cost of these control measures would be unwise, trust me on that. So, this leaves a lot of people to wonder how to order prescription drugs from Canada, and why this is ineffective way to get your drugs cheaper.

Why are drugs cheaper in Canada anyway?

The thing is, they actually aren’t, at least not by very much. They certainly seem that way, but it’s largely an illusion, at least for the Canadian people. They face a lot of the same problems we do, especially that import issue. So, they offset the cost of importing and placating the pharmaceutical companies in a rather creative way. Rather than reflecting this increased cost by way of the price point on pharmaceuticals, they offset it through taxation.

It is worth noting that the United States would not be a little pull this off, because Canada has fewer outstanding taxes already in place regarding certain other things. Thus, in the end, their taxes are about on par with ours, just a portion of it is offsetting that pharmaceutical expense rather than certain expenses the United States incurs.

For you, however, as an American citizen, these drugs are indeed much cheaper, because you’re not paying into Canadian taxes.

Is this legal?

Yes, it most certainly is. Due to international agreements, trade agreements and antitrust laws, you can purchase just about anything legal in the United States from any allied nation in the world. You will see a slight increase in that price point due to import taxes, but it’s pretty negligible.

So, how do I do this?

So, you’re ready to learn how to order prescription drugs from Canada? Well, there’s a reason that only the last section of this article directly discusses this. It’s tremendously simple. Simply look for any online pharmacy source out of Canada which ships to the United States. There are myriad of these, and they are legitimate, respected pharmacies.

While you’re looking into these, also consider researching generic alternatives to the medication you need. Generics, which are available for almost all medications, are identical in all important ways to their brand-name counterparts. The only major differences are cosmetic and naming, chemically and dosage-wise, they are actually identical.

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