What Is The Average Weight For A 13 Year Old

Hey! All of us must be having at least 1 or 2 13 year old kid in our families. A 13 year old can feel filled with energy all the time. It makes them feel chaotic from within. You are here in his blog, because you too have the same question in your mind- what is the average weight for a 13 year old boy or a girl?

This blog is the direct answer to all those who have queries regarding weight of a growing teenager and their planned diet for better weight and height. Growth of a kid depends on the emotional, mental, development and social changes around them that are happening.

Sometimes malnutrition or poor balance in diet may lead to decreased body development and growth.

What Should Be The Average Weight For A 13 Year Old Girl?

Some of us are worried about how much 13 year old’s weigh or perhaps what should be the right weight of our teen kids. So, the first question that may arise is- what is the usual weight for a 13-year girl?

A 13 year old girl should weigh close to 100 pounds (47.9 kgs). If we talk about the height of a 13 year old girl, then the right height should be 62.8 inches or 157.6 centimeters.  

How Much Should A 13 Year Old Boy Weigh?

If we talk about a 13 year old boy, we get to see that a normal boy who is under proper exercise, nutrition and diet plans must weigh near to 102 pounds or 48.4kgs.

If everything goes well then the boy will soon grow up healthy and will have good height. And, the height of the boy should be 62.2 inches (159.2 centimeters).

How Much Do 13 Year Old Weigh?

The average weight of a 13 year old may vary from person to person. It depends on multiple factors. Puberty is a stage when these factors should be kept in mind mostly. It is when both girls and boys gets to see different changes. There are a few hormonal changes too that can make thing go little disturbed at moments.

Do you ever try to analyze-What is the average weight for a 7th grader? For girls, a 7th standard girl who is 12/13 years old should weigh near about 100 pounds.

It may vary between 100-102 pounds. And, for boys, they should weigh between 101-103 pounds. It depends on the genetic structure and lifestyle of every child that makes his an owner of a healthy body.  

What Factors Control The Average Weight And Height In A 13/14year Old?

It is trickier to pin down the average weight for a 14 year old girl and a boy. There are few reasons that influence the weight of a body for youngsters. Here are some factors that should be noticed to track the growth-

  • Development Rate- Kids enter their puberty and start to experience their teenage issues. The rate of development is one such factor. Some begin to grow while others might face the problem of irregularity in the development process.
  • Bodily Growth And Average Height- Your child’s height may also influence their weight. Tall teens weigh much more than smaller ones. It is because muscles weigh more than fats. There may be a variations in the body composition.
  • Genetic Orders- It is another factor that may hinder the growth of a 13 year old kid. Diet and activity plays a great role while the shape, size, weight and the composition of the body is structured according to the genetic composition in the family.
  • BMI- BMI stands for Body mass index. It takes into account more than simple averages with regard to weight. It is a standard number that is counted in regards to the weight. BMI calculations affect the teens more than adults.
  Lesser than 5 percentileUnderweight
5-85 percentileHealthy Weight
85-95 percentileOverweight/Heavy
95-Above percentileObese/Too fat


What is the average weight for a 13 year old

What Is Meant By Underweight For A 13 Year Old?

Today’s world is so focused on weight, diet plans and looks. Here you cannot afford to stay away from these factors. If you want to know that how much should 14 year old boy weigh?This article is for you. Consult with a doctor is queries still remain unanswered.  

A 13 year old must weigh close to 1000-102 pounds but if the number goes down to 80/ 70 with lesser than 5 percentile then the kid is categorized as underweight.

What Is Meant By Overweight For A 13 Year Old?

Kids who are obese (95 percentile & above) are considered to be the ones who are overweight. They are at higher risks. They might develop Type II diabetes, high cholesterol or other health related issues. BMI factor should be measured and monitored well for these kids who are into their 13 years or teenage.


Puberty is the time for bodily changes. It is important that a 13 year kid and above should be properly educated on terms of livelihood so that they can fight the odds and challenges in their health and growth rates. Hope those with the query- what is the average weight for a 13 year old has received a satisfying answer.


Q1. What Is The Average Weight For A 14-Year-Old Female?

Ans1. The average weight of a 14 year old female should be 114.2 lb (51.2kgs). Yet, it may vary depending on the structure of the body.

Q2. When Should A 13-Year Old Lose Weight?

Ans2. If at the age of 13, the kid is overweight or obese in structure, weight loss is the only way to cut down he extra fats following a doctor’s guidelines with oversight.

Q3. How Tall Should A 13 Year Old Girl Be?

Ans3. A 13 year old girl should be 62.8 inches or 157.6 centimeters.  This may vary but it should not go too low than these numbers or else the kid will start experiencing health trifles.   

Q4. Is 120 Pounds Fat For A 13 Year Old?

Ans4. Yes,120 pounds is categorized as obese/fat/heavyweight. It should measure close to 100-102 pounds at the age of 13. Lifestyle and eating disorders leads to obesity in kids.

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