What Pizza Places Are Open Now?

The pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on many food businesses, including pizza shops. Paradoxically, being cooped up inside for extended periods while quarantining and socially distancing has probably caused you to look for food delivery options far more often than you ever have before. Ordering delivery in these difficult times can be both tricky, as many shops have altered their hours or purchasing options, and worrying, as many customers live with older family members or with individuals with underlying conditions. Here is how to safely take advantage of Papa John’s pizza places open now:

How to Papa John’s Is Keeping Everyone Safe Through Reopenings

Obviously, responsible businesses are concerned with the possibility of spreading COVID-19 through the human contact needed to successfully and efficiently deliver pizza to customers’ doorsteps. As a leader in pizza delivery, Papa Johns has established rigorous guidelines for no-contact delivery that helps to ensure every delivery is completed with an absolute minimum in human handling and preparation. Here is how this works:

  1. You can download the Papa John’s app for ordering delivery on Apple iOS or Android stores. To minimize the contact needed during payment, you can always opt to pay with a card on the app; just remember to tip if you decide to do so. 
  2. Each pizza box and food container is stamped with a seal by a Papa John’s employee. This lets you know that none of your items have been exposed to the surrounding air.
  3. A Papa John’s delivery driver sets your delivery down at your doorstep, rings your doorbell, and steps back at least 6 feet while waiting to verify that someone is home.
  4. As soon as your order arrives, you can pick it up and enjoy!

How To Get a Stuffed Crust Pizza Delivered to You

When you order a Papa John’s pizza to your home or business, you don’t have to sift through a library of apps and menus on your phone like you would for most other restaurants. Finding a restaurant near you to deliver a stuffed crust pizza, along with the sides and beverages you crave, is simple. Just visit Papa John’s lunch delivery near me store locator on the company website. Enter your zip code and address into the provided form and choose the nearest location. Click “order delivery,” and fill out your information. If you prefer takeout or cannot locate a nearby delivery location, click “find carryout locations” instead. The store locator will automatically determine if a delivery is possible based on the hours of operation of the store you have chosen.

When ordering stuffed crust pizza delivery during the pandemic, wait times are generally low but can spike at peak times. If you are unable to locate a delivery option and cannot pick up your order, try to be patient. Businesses everywhere are doing their best to accommodate customers while handling difficult circumstances. Remember, when you use your smartphone app or computer to order delivery, all orders feature no-contact delivery to ensure that both customers and employees remain safe.

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