What To Expect Of A Carpet Removal Service?

At some point, you need to hire a carpet removal service. Regardless of how often you vacuum your carpets, they store dust. Not only the dust – but also allergens, and bacteria. Hence, it is important to hire a professional carpet cleaning service after some time. How often should you hire them? It depends on the usage and your convenience.

If you have pets and kids, you need to get thorough carpet cleaning more often than others. Are you living in a remote area? Do you experience dust storms more often? Well, you probably know what it means. According to experts, you should thoroughly clean your carpet at least twice a year. Have you hired a professional service before? If your answer is no then look for a professional service provider that will satisfy your needs when it comes to carpet removal.

Here is a list of things you can expect from a carpet removal service.

Quote and Time Estimate

When you decide to hire a carpet removal service, the first thing you do is to call up the company. Depending on your convenience, they will schedule their visit. During the initial visit, they will send a representative to create an estimate for the job. Some companies offer to provide you an estimate on a call.

Expect the professional to take carpet dimensions. He or she will analyze the stains. They will calculate the effort and time required to get the job done. Some companies provide instant estimate while other provide you estimate within 24 hours. In any case, you will get the cost before they start the process.

The Cost of Carpet Removal

While hiring a carpet removal service, most people believe that they will manage everything. Yes, they do – but only if it’s related to cleaning. For the other stuff, like removing the furniture, you need to pay extra. Otherwise, of course, you can remove the furniture yourself.

It is advised that you remove the furniture and keep it in a safe place. Before the professionals arrive at your door, you should keep the carpet ready. In an otherwise situation, you may need to pay extra for their time.

Dry Vacuum After Carpet Removal

Once a carpet is removed and ready to be cleaned, the first process is dry vacuuming. Although every company follows this rule – you should remind them in case they don’t it.

Expect them to wear a dust mask and safety glasses during the vacuum cleaning. It is better to stay away from the process for your hygiene. Removing the dust before beginning the cleaning process enhances the life of carpets. It is an important part of carpet cleaning and you shouldn’t ignore it.

Environmental Friendly Products

Not every company uses eco-friendly products – but most will.

While hiring a carpet removal service, make sure that you are not hiring a cheap service. They may not care about using eco-friendly products.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose a company. However, a reputable company that uses environmentally friendly products would be a better choice. It is safe for your family.

Stain Cleaning

Here is the major part of cleaning your carpet. It’s the ultimate goal of hiring the service. The professionals will begin their work by cleaning each stain with eco-friendly products. Depending on the carpet condition, they may clean all at once or go after one stain at a time.

In any case, you should expect them to clean every stain. There should be no stains of drinks, food, or pets. In the estimate, every company includes stain removal charges. Expect no extra charges at this stage.

Mold Cleaning

An extremely important part of carpet cleaning! Your carpet removal company should work on mold and clear it. Mold exposure can result in nasal stuffiness, wheezing, cough, skin irritation, and other issues. Always make sure that your carpet is mold-free.

Usually, companies charge for mold removal in the initial estimate. If they are asking for additional charges, you should check the initial bill.


Remember that it is your responsibility to cross-check. During these times, when a carpet removal service completes their job, they can also help to sanitize the area. It must be odorless with no stains at all. You should get a germ-free and odorless room at the end of the service. 


Imagine you have paid a hefty amount just to see the stains coming back in a few days. You would be mad, right? Gladly, most of the reputed carpet cleaning companies offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Carpet cleaning is tricky particularly stain removal. In some cases, stains come after few days. If you have hired a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee, you can contact its customer support. Probably, they will clean the stains or provide you a refund.

Weekend Availability

Have a job and can’t be around during the weekdays? Don’t worry, many companies offer services on the weekend. If you don’t want to leave the cleaners at home for carpet removal while you are at work, you can look for a company that offers service 7 days a week. That way, they can schedule carpet removal according to your convenience.


Carpet removal services are designed to clean your carpet with convenience. Apart from the listed above, you can expect or ask for other favors. Make sure to be a nice client and give extra tips when the team goes the extra mile for you.

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