What’s the Salary Structure of IBPS RRB?

IBPS is the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection that conducts examinations to recruit candidates for Regional Rural Bank (RRB) vacancies pan India. Recruitment drives are undertaken for the following RRB positions:

  • Officer Scale I (IBPS RRB PO)
  • Officer Scale-II
  • Officer Scale III
  • Office Assistant (IBPS RRB Clerk)

The attractive IBPS RRB salarydraws candidates to consider a career in the RRB sector and initiate their application process. IBPS RRB salaries vary across grades, and for your reference, the corresponding monthly figures in hand are enumerated below:

  • Officer Scale I earns approximately between INR 29,000 to INR 33000 per month
  • Officer Scale II gets between INR 33,000 to INR 39,000 in hand
  • Officer Scale III monthly earns roughly between INR 38,000 to INR 44,000
  • An Office Assistant can expect to take home INR 15,000 to INR 19,000 per month

Salary Structure Components

For all the IBPS RRB positions, House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Dearness Allowance (DA) are included in the respective monthly salaries earned. Besides, you are also entitled to the following additional perks:

Travel Allowance

You can either avail of the full traveling allowance provision or reimburse the amount you spend on fuel (diesel or petrol) every month.

Medical Reimbursement

A fixed amount towards medical treatment is what you are entitled to; hence, you can reimburse the corresponding sum on a monthly basis.

Pension Schemes

You are eligible for prevailing government pension schemes on your retirement from service.

Leased Accommodation

The bank will either allot you a home to reside in with your family or pay your rental outgoings should you shift into leased accommodation.


Any miscellaneous perks announced by the government for public sector employees will extend to you as and when it comes into effect.

Break-up of Allowances for Officer Cadre

IBPS RRB salary structure for Officer Scales I, II, and III, allots a specific percentage of their basic pay to their allowance entitlements as listed here:

  1. 46.5% goes towards dearness allowance
  2. 7.75% of your basic pay is diverted towards special allowances
  3. The percentage of house rent allowance differs area wise:
  • For rural areas, it is 5% of your basic pay
  • 7.5% for semi-urban areas
  • For urban areas, HRA constitutes 10% of your basic pay

Career Growth

An IBPS Office Assistant or Clerk undergoes training and is kept on probation for six months. As an Officer Scale I or PO, you are trained during the initial months and your probationary period is for two years. You begin your career by serving as a Manager Trainee in Gramin or Regional Rural Banks.

On successful completion of your two-year probation, you can rise to an Assistant Manager’s post. After that, you can navigate your career graph to Deputy Manager, Branch Manager, Senior Branch Manager and Chief Manager positions.

Subsequently, there is scope to become an Assistant General Manager, Deputy General Manager and ultimately occupy the General Manager’s chair. Your responsibilities depend on the position you occupy and the department you are allocated to serve your tenure.

Access the designated guide for further clarity on your potential salary and job profile.

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