Your Teen Girl’s Room Guide to Creating a Healthy Environment

If you’re a parent of a teen girl, you know the struggle of keeping their room tidy and organized. But, now is the right age to build these habits so they can value their space. Not only does it help to develop a routine, but a clean and pretty room creates a healthy environment.

So, keep reading to learn your teen girl’s room guide to creating a healthy environment. Let’s have a look!

Introduce the Benefits of Organized Room

The first step to building this quality is telling your girl about the organization and a visually appealing room. Yelling at kids will never help them do the task. So, the trick is to start with them. It takes 30 minutes daily to organize the closet, play area, and study area. 

When you practice this process with them, they will gradually pick it up. Also, tell the importance of why you should maintain decorative items, water indoor plants, and organize a study, bed, and closet.

Then gradually narrate about the benefits like:

  • Regular clean-up of furniture will reduce the risk of bugs and other factors.
  • It’s a good workout routine that helps you clean the room daily. Procrastinating will increase the junk and lead to even more procrastination.
  • Tell them how organized and a pretty room feels welcoming, light, and positive.

Teach them Organization and Decoration

Help your teen to practice cleanliness and decor by:

Maintaining Closet

Help your teenage girl to learn the process of folding clothes. Teach them what to keep where. Create a section for dresses, accessories, and occasional wear. This will build responsibility in them.

If you do everything for them, they won’t respect what they have. Ask them to move dirty clothes to the laundry and always fold and keep them safely in the closet. It looks good and makes it easy for the girl to access them.

Add Visual Interest Through Wall Arts

An amazing way to boost the creativity of your teen girl is to indulge her in decor. It creates a very healthy environment and makes the room more inviting. Wall decor like these brilliant sun wall arts looks refreshing, close to nature, and boosts imagination.

Ask them to draw, paint, or DIY artworks. Then, you can help them decorate the room with functional decor, which is pretty and practical.

Maintaining Study Area

A study area with books, pencils, pens, and junk will never let your teen girl study in peace. Instead, invest in organizers and pile up books smartly. Regularly clean tables and throw extra stuff to create clean and organized desks. Use an affordable organizer for placing the stationary.

Bedding Rules

Bedding rules are very important as teens generally try to do all their activities in bed. A bed must be reserved for relaxation and sleeping. A healthy routine of perfectly cleaning and making the bed in the morning is essential. These healthy habits will go a long way.

Using Storage

One common issue teenagers’ parents face is that the kids dump anything, anywhere. Not only does it look shabby, but when you need this stuff, you can’t find it. So, incorporate storage for keeping sports accessories, playing stuff, and other recreational elements. 

In addition, a designated place for keeping study material, clothes, and other belongings is very helpful when you need them.

Last but not the Least ( Be patient)

Your teenager kid will not learn all the things on day 1. You must be patient, practice with them, and give them time to build these healthy habits. Explain to them the organization’s benefits and how it will make their room more attractive. So, note down all the tips mentioned above and start building the habits with them!

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